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Photo Courtesy of  L. G. Rodriguez           

Wide-Angle view of the cemetery.   Photograph taken 11.27.2004     


The information provided at this site is my attempt at presenting and preserving the most accurate information on individuals who have been laid to rest in McFaddin Catholic Cemetery, McFaddin, Victoria County, Texas. The cemetery dates back to the turn of the century and according to some, it is believed the first funeral occurred some time in the late 1800's. My research has not revealed any documented information to support this, however the information was supplied by very credible individuals, who now rest in peace in the cemetery.


For many years the cemetery grounds have been maintained by those who have lived and worked in and around McFaddin, however, that has changed in the last few years, and now a new generation has assumed the responsibility. My father (Manuel Mota Rodriguez Sr.) was the chairperson of the cemetery association for many years until his death in July of 1992.


Prior to Manuel's leadership, the association was led by Jose Figueroa and Leonardo Ramon.  These two individuals worked very hard to ensure the association took care of the cemetery grounds.


A couple of years prior to my father’s death, Reynaldo (Ray) Garcia and I assisted my father in the ongoing effort to maintain the cemetery grounds. When my father died, Ray and I assumed co-chairmanship of the association and together we continue to lead the maintenance effort. Many other individuals whose family members are buried in McFaddin continue to support us and we are very grateful for their support and ask for their continued assistance.




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